Silver Birch Leaf earrings and pendants


first listing so far. Man, it’s a lot of work.

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Senshi-Con 2014!

An amazing turn out of really talented cosplayers, and just all around great people! Thank you all for stopping by our booth and checking out our jewelry and such.

Couldn’t have asked for a better first public appearance!

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Senshi Con was fabulous and you are fabulous!

To all your folks who may have picked up my card and found your way here, or saw my stuff in the Senshi Con tag, thanks a ton for stopping in my modest blog!

It really means a lot to me since I am new to this sort of thing and it’s still really REALLY exciting to know people are interested in my work and might love it as much as I do. And I love being able to talk to other amazing, talented people.

Thanks so much and I hope to be back next year!


to the folks who thought stealing 6 pendants was okay: No thank you.

Otherwise, things were amazing and I would love to go next year! Thank you every one for coming and checking out our stuff! Met some great artists and cosplayers and just all around amazing people.

More on this later, but I am a bit disappointed in the folks who decided to take some of the things I put the most love and attention into. You, my friend, are pretty scummy.

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Welcome, new followers!

holy potatoes, there’s a good handful of you who just tuned in after my recent post about pendants.

Welcome! Feel free to look around. The things I’ve posted range from very recent to my beginning metalsmithing days back in 2009.

Also stay tuned because I -might- be making more things and -maybe- putting them on my etsy for sale. We’ll see how this weekend goes and what my job looks like after I get back in town.


(if you really want, you can follow my other blog buginmyeye. Especially if you like video games, cats, and other quirky stuff.)

more pendants!

These are coming with me for my first public appearance selling my jewelry! Here’s to hoping my prices are reasonable and people like my stuff!

Some have amethyst chips, while others have rough opals that I cleaned up. It is actually really relaxing to dig out the amazing sparkle some of the seemingly boring stones have hiding inside.

Materials: Opal, Amethyst, glass, and silver.


made with sterling silver pressed with real leaf texture.

worked on some ideas while I was waiting on the branch pendants (which are almost done, a bit more polishing and some finishing touches and they are good to go)

Still not 100% in love with these, they need a bit of work, but I like the idea, especially for something I made up on the spot.

We shall see.

More Pendants!

First made with organic materials and wax, then cast into silver. Still a lot of clean up and polishing to do but not bad so far!

Working on some more pendants to sell next week at a convention. Some of these have opals in them that I cleaned up from rough chips, and others have amethyst chips.

As of now, none of these are going to be available for sale until AFTER next weekend, and it will only be whatever is left over from the weekend.



Local shrub roots and sticks cast in silver, with amethyst and glass settings.

These were oodles of fun, and I really love how they come out.

If interested, feel free to message me.

just an update on these, the top right one (with the pink amethyst) has been claimed but the other two are certainly still available. If interested, I can create an etsy listing or we can talk through messages. Thank you so much for reblogging and sharing my work! It means a lot.

only the little one is remaining now. I will be making more of these in the coming weeks and I have three opal-set ones in the works, so stay tuned!